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The Concerned Citizens Organized for Police Support helps bring awareness to our local and state law enforcement personnel nationwide through a variety of programs, including Blue Mondays and Thumbs Up Thursdays which are designed as methods of interaction with citizens and the police force. We also help Honor The Best with quarterly recognition of top law officers from which a Law Enforcement Officer of the year will be selected on an annual basis. In addition, our cKOPs association helps bring awareness to children in local schools through the "Adopt a Cop" program which enhances writing skills and encourages law enforcement officers by  receiving monthly inspirational letters from the kids in their communities.

  • The first Monday of each month will be designated as “Blue Monday” and on that day citizens will be encouraged to interact with any and all law enforcement officers that they encounter during the day.

  • This can be accomplished by simply saying “Thanks or Thank You,” to any police officers they come in contact with during the day.  It can be a longer conversation depending on the circumstances but at least acknowledging them will speak volumes.

  • We will use a multi-media approach to communicate the message to our citizens.

  • The third Thursday of each month will be “Thumbs up Thursday,” a day where the citizens will be asked to give a thumbs up to any and all law enforcement personnel that they encounter during the day.

  • This can be done while walking down the street as well as when a person is driving and sees a police officer along the way

  • This will also be a multi-media effort and the attached billboard will be used as part of a digital outdoor campaign.

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  • Honoring the Best on a local, statewide and national basis each quarter with a yearly police officer who be designated as the police officer of the year.

  • On a quarterly basis, we will honor three law enforcement officers from the city, county and state police forces in each state so that each facet of law enforcement will be represented. From this group, a Law Enforcement Officer of the Year will be selected.

  • We will collaborate with a national civic organization to provide the necessary manpower to help, select and honor our winners.

  • The cKOPs (Concerned Kids Organized For Police Support) association was created as branch of the parent cCOPs organization to help bring awareness of law enforcement into the classrooms of our children.

  • The "Adopt a Cop" program inspires children in local schools to have the opportunity to adopt a police officer(s) by writing a monthly encouraging 
    letter to the officer names each student is assigned from their "Adopt a Cop" school administrator. This program will not only enhance the writing skills of children, but will also teach them the importance of recognizing and appreciating all law enforcement does to keep our communities safe.
    In appreciation of the monthly support from the children's letters of encouragement, the police officer will schedule biannual trips to the school to visit his kids that support him or her.


  • To get your school involved with this wonderful program, call us, email us or send us a message through our Contact page.

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